BaikalTattooFest - the third, international and

A large and sensational festival with its unforgettable history
BaikalTattooFest- is everything you'd like to know about tattoo-culture, top and rookie tattoo artists, new trends in the tattoo industry. To see with your very eyes how the most complex and interesting drawings are born on the body. This is an opportunity to become a participant in the fascinating process yourself – to find your master, make your first tattoo, cover the old one or be inspired to continue your stories on the body. And also show your cool work – on
this holiday of colors they do not need to be hidden under a shirt!
BaikalTattooFest - three days of creativity, new relationships, discoveries and incredible energy of people who give all their might to what they do!
Tattoo artists, musicians, photographers, dancers and many other creative people at the best exhibition site of our city!
BaikalTattooFest is a celebration of creativity and colors!
Feel the vibe of the long-standing tattoo culture of one of the oldest professions.
Here you will have access not only to the aesthetic pleasure of contemplating real works of art, but also gastronomic, because bars, restaurants and cafes work for you on the territory of the tattoo festival.
BaikalTattooFest is an opportunity to participate in the main competition of the festival for the best tattoo in various categories, and, of course, to compete for the Grand Prix!
Lectures, master classes, creative and interactive zones, contests with valuable prizes, performances of music and dance groups - three days of an enchanting program are waiting for you!
BaikalTattooFest is also a unique marketplace where you can buy tattoo equipment and expendables, original souvenirs, clothing, accessories and many other related products.

The festival will be arranged in

SibExpoCenter at the address:

Irkutsk, Baikalskaya str., 253a