List of nominations

Best healed tattoo:

1. Oriental (all Asian styles)

2. Traditional, Old school (interpretation of a classic tattoo)

3. Colour (all colour except large)

4. Black&Grey (all Black&Gray except large)

5. Ornamental (patterns,ornaments,lettering)

6. Small tattoo (size-5x5cm)

7. Cover up (cover up of old tattoo, photo before is necessary)

8. Realism (the tattoo is as close as possible to the real image)

9. Large Black&Grey (fully tattooed part of the body (like arm or leg) or bigger)

10. Large Colour (fully tattooed part of the body (like arm or leg) or bigger)

11. Graphic (clear contour, shading, no complex halftones)

12. New school, Neotarditional (modern interpretation of a classic tattoo)

13. Crazy tattoo(funny and crazy tattoos)

14. Individual (original ideas that are difficult to attribute to any style)

Best of day

1. Colour

2. Traditional

3. Ornamental and graphic

4. Black&Grey

Best of show (collaboration of several artists or tattoos made in 2 or 3 days of the festival)

The Grand Prix ( only the first places of each day of the festival participate)

Judging system

Each member of the jury (at least 5 people) has three cards with him. Each of the judges gives a card at his own discretion, without consulting with colleagues, to the participant of the competition, whose work he appreciated above the rest. In this case, all applicants are on stage at the same time. Whoever gets the most cards wins. In disputable situations, another round is held with the finalists.

When submitting a tattoo to the competition, carefully choose the nomination that is most suitable for your work.

One tattoo can only be submitted in one category.

Models, whose masters are not registered participants of the festival, are allowed to compete for the best healed tattoo upon payment of an organizational fee of 2000 rubles for each nomination.

Tattoos that won prizes at previous festivals do not take part in the competition.

The awarding takes place at the end of each day of the festival according to the nominations of the current day.

In the event that the model that won first place in one of the nominations is not present at the award ceremony, the latecomer's candidacy is withdrawn.